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FAQs Sticky™

Can you use on Bath counters ? Shower walls? 

Yes you can! Sticky™  can be used in the bathroom whether Shower walls or Bath counters. 

 Please note that before you paste sticky™, please ensures that the wall surface is clean and free from water stains.


What are the dimensions of these rolls in meters/cm ? 

24" X 74" = 60cm x 2meters 

24" X 118" = 60cm x 3 meters 

24" X 196.8" = 60cm x 5 meters 


Is it safe on a fireplace?

Yes the adhesive is heat resistant however, Sticky™ heat resistant temperature is within 170 °F, it bear normal kitchen temperature but no fireproof. You can safely use it on countertop ,cabinets, walls but it should be kept away from direct fire as much as possible.


For a large area- Is it possible to match pattern to pattern to look seamless

Yes it can be done. Be sure match up patterns correctly and smooth out surfaces as much as possible. 


How to install ?

Installation guide come packed with our wallpaper roll. You can also watch our installation video at the very end of our page. 


Can we use Sticky™ for outdoor surfaces ? Is it sun-proof ? 

Yes, Our Sticky™ is specifically made to be used indoor or outdoor. So, the Sunlight will not burn the wallpaper neither fade it. 


Can I do it alone ?

Yes, you can do it alone, but two is better than one! It would make the job easier. 


When removing it,  will it harm the surface below ?  

Sticky™ will not harm the surface below when you remove it and will come off clean!

You can test this by adding the adhesive to a surface then gently peeling it back to see if any residue is left behind.