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Handrum™ - Premium 11 Tunes Steel Drum set

"Love my green 11 note 6-inch drum! It sounds great & the songs they include are easy to play with zero musical knowledge. I enjoy this so much I bought another for my mom. This pretty little drum helps to ease my anxiety."


Adeline ✅ Verified Buyer


Do you ever have trouble falling asleep, connecting with your higher self, or finding yourself stressed after a long day of work?


 It seems in recent years being busy has become the rule rather than the exception for many people. If you feel busy and stressed and don't have a lot of time to work stress relief into your schedule, you may consider learning a new habit that will boost your mood, promote a feeling of calmness, and help relieve stress!

Handrum™ is a 6-inch steel tongue drum with 11 tunes tuned to Mix  Major C note ranging from the 4th to the 5th octave. The healing sound is crisp, simple, and calming for your body and soul. 

Our premium 11 tunes drum is polished, giving it a good feel and allowing for precise play. Its' basic sound is unexpectedly powerful and assertive, but without losing its meditative quality, thanks to the precision-cut steel tongues. 




 Here is how our premium Handrum™ will change your life 


✔️ Heal your body and soul 

As many yoga, meditation, and spiritual practitioners use these instruments to enhance their practices and connect with their higher self. Handrum™ is a sound healing device that uses vibrations in order to help you relax and heal your mind and body.


✔️ Enhance your yoga, meditation, or Reiki 

If you enjoy yoga or meditation, the Handrum™ is the perfect tool for you! The instrument's harmonious frequencies will help you attain deeper levels of consciousness and tap into your intuition, enhancing your meditation experience.



✔️ Easy to learn 

Handrum™ is designed specifically for beginners who don't know how to start! You can easily learn to play in 10 minutes with the help of our manual and scale stickers. Handrum™ can be played with the included finger covers or simply with your hands.



✔️ Achieve Mindfulness & Ease Anxiety 

 Nowadays, All of us have hectic schedules and forget to take time for ourselves. With just a few notes of sound therapy of Handrum™, you will forget about your daily stresses!

✔️ Enjoy Quality time with your loved ones

 With the included mallets and finger covers, anyone from toddlers to adults can play music on Handrum™.  If you have children who cannot sit still, they will spend the whole day playing Handrum™.  It will help your child discover a new passion and develop new skills!




✔️ Premium Package for you!  

All of our drums are made of high-quality steel that has been coated with a waterproof pearl coating to ensure that they last a lifetime. Then they're expertly tuned in the C major scale with sound stabilizers applied to ensure a crystal-clear and pleasant listening experience.



Let's face it! At certain times, it might seem impossible to find a few moments of peace in our lives. We all have a lot of responsibilities or worries, and mostly we are caught in a whirlwind of trying to get things done while trying to deal with problems or our own complex emotions.

The good news is Handrum™ can help you relieve that stress!  its harmonious frequencies will help you attain deeper levels of consciousness, increase your awareness and mostly enhance your meditation or yoga practices to heal your body and mind! 


How to use Handrum™ 

First of all, there is no “wrong” way of positioning the drum, but we recommend placing it on your lap for easier playing! 

1- Start playing the entire scale to familiarize yourself with the drum, beginning with the lowest note and advancing to the highest note.


2. Play all of the notes in a circle, beginning on any note you like.


3. Try playing two notes at the same time or in a complex sequence. Experiment with various melodies and sound effects.


4. Find two notes that go well together. A chord is formed when two or more notes are played at the same time. Play the chord several times before switching to a new chord.


5. Play the drum gently at first, and then a little louder. As you play, change the amount of force you use.

Note: Have some fun, make some noise, and experiment with your new instrument. You'll be able to follow along with drumming patterns and sheet music, and even compose your own compositions if you practice a little each day. 

*For the more experienced ones, please visit our FAQs section at the top right of this page to know more about the use of Handrum™



Size and Specifications

Material: Steel-titanium alloy
Scale: 11 notes, C major
Diameter: 6 inches (15cm)
Height: 3 inches (7 cm)
Net weight: 6.00lbs (2.74 kg)

Package Includes:
1 x steel tongue drum
1 x pair of mallets
1 x mallet holder
1 x alternative scale sticker
4 x Finger Covers
1 x travel bag

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