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Pipestone™ - Premium Natural Crystal Pipe

"Absolutely beautiful piece, exactly the color I was expecting and wanting. Bought this as a birthday gift for my husband and he loves it. Smooth and clean hits, easy to clean, and just overall gorgeous! Wish they came in my birthstone too lol"


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If you wondered how to make a smoking experience even more magical we have an answer for you!


 As everything is made of atoms binding and bouncing off one another. Our bodies too are made of atoms, when they move that when we attract similar vibrations.

This is how the stones play their crucial role, they help you reach the right type of vibrations to get your body, energy, mind, and soul back into balance.

Pipestone™ will connect your body with these healing crystals' properties and sink deeper from your ordinary smoking experience. You will feel lightness and calmness,   Crystal pipes will make you experience your consciousness to understand more about life so you can navigate your life better.

Made of high-grade natural crystals without any chemical treatment or dyeing, Pipestone™ is durable and perfect for tobacco smoking, chakra healing, or as a gift! 




✔️ Connect with the stone’s energy while smoking 

 Smoking tobacco from crystal pipes allows us to connect with the energy of the natural stone. You can feel their vibrational influence every time a crystal is in your aura or your immediate surrounding.



✔️ Heal your Chakras & release negative vibrations

 Pipestone™ helps to harmonize the human vibration, and in releasing the negative vibrations. Every healing crystal has an atomic structure that is designed to heal your chakras and help in your emotional and spiritual well-being. 




 ✔️ Handmade By Artisans & crafted from Natural Crystals 

 Crystal pipes are very durable and if you are an earth activist, you do not need to worry because Pipestones are very much earth-friendly. This is because these beauties are 100% natural.



✔️ 5 different stones to find what fit you best!

  • Rose Quartz Pipestone™ has a calming effect that can even help deal with trauma. Rose Pipe has many benefits like improving emotional stress, physical illness and Stone pipe can help in curing nightmares and even insomnia.
  • The Amethyst Pipestone™ can help you connect with yourself as it helps lift your spirits positively. The energy of the crystal from the Amethyst Crystal will help you raise your vibrations and will spark up your spiritual experience.
  • The Malachite Pipestone™ is an important protection stone.  Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants, picking them up from the atmosphere and your body.  
  • The Snowflake  Pipestone™ helps you recognize and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns. It can help you see the light within the darkness and brings balance to the body and mind.




✔️ Premium Package for Long lasting use! 

Pipestone™ comes in a gift box, that includes not only your crystal pipe but also 2 extra pipe filters to use and a high-quality stainless-steel cleaning brush to clean the clogged herbs and clear out residue. 


Taking the tobacco smoking experience into a whole new level of just being high and combining this experience with healing and spiritual growth has been just an idea for some until the crystal pipe came into play. Pipestones are beautiful alternatives for the average smoking pipes, these pipes will just make smoking magical.

The crystals are the most essential part of making a Natural GemStone pipe. You can choose the stones or crystals from the way it looks, what color attracted you the most or from the healing powers and benefits, you can get from it.

Pipestone™  is the next big thing and should definitely be on your to-do list for an exquisite experience!


How to clean Pipestone™?

  • Clear out the residue by inserting a pipe cleaner through the mouthpiece and into the canal.
  • Use the Pipestone™  Brush every few days or once a week depending on your usage.
  • Replace filters every month or so.
  • Run the Pipestone™ under hot water for 1 or 3 minutes for extra cleaning.


Product Size & Specification

Length: ~4.3 inches (~110mm)

Weight~0.20 Lb (80g~100g)



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