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The world is full of positive as well as negative energies. It's not because someone purposely emits negative energy; rather, it's due to the complexity of our chakrasConsider the body, what happens inside can affect the outside and vice versa. Our homes are similar, reacting to what happens inside and outside. When things start to pile up at home, actual things and not just emotions, take it as a sign that something negative is lurking.

The home protection box features 5 healing properties crystals that will help to strenghth

✔️ Labradorite - Ease anxiety & stress

Labradorite is a powerful stone for personal transformation and protection. Highly mystical, protective, and brings in the light. Labradorite creates a barrier against negative energies leading to releasing fears and insecurities. It also encourages self-confidence and trust in the cosmos.

Affirmation for Labradorite: I am aware of the universe's magic.
Chakra: Third eye chakra, also known as Ajna


✔️ Tiger's eye - Promote strength & Courage : 

Tiger's eye is a one-of-a-kind gemstone with a striped, reflecting appearance that resembles that of a tiger. It offers an anchoring and protective energy that aids with confidence and courage, particularly when taking action.

Affirmation for Tiger's Eye: I welcome challenges 
Chakra: Root, also known as Solar plexus

✔️ Clear Quartz - Aid concentration and memory 

Known as the " Master healer ", Clear Quartz can substantially aid in memory enhancementimprove all mental abilities, focus, and concentration. This is the stone to use so as to improve long-term memory, also it can be programmed to avoid age-related memory loss.

Affirmation for Clear Quartz: I am pure, beautiful, radiant light
Chakra: Third eye chakra, also known as Ajna

✔️ Rose Quartz -  Encourage love & trust

Rose Quartz also known as a mothering stone, adults, including men and women, as well as children, can benefit from the stone's soothing and calming characteristics. Rose Quartz amplifies intentions of healing any emotional issues or matters of the heart, as well as bond with the unborn child.

Affirmation for Rose Quartz: I am open to giving and receiving love
Chakra: Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata

✔️ Amethyst - Better Sleep & intuitive dreams

Amethyst, a violet form of quartz crystal, is a powerful aura cleanser that unites you with divine understanding by opening the Crown chakra. Sleeping with it instills healing energy in dreams, encourages deep sleep, and aligns the brain waves with the frequency of calm.

Affirmation for Amethyst: I am aware and Awake
Chakra: Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara


In our chaotic, anxiety-producing world, the home provides a retreat to recharge your batteries, get a decent night's sleep and switch off from the outside. Zentowers helps you honor the home and celebrates the vital role it plays in our lives.